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Macedonian start-ups for the first time will have an opportunity to access one-stop-shop services in the initial phase of product and business development, through preparation for seed and follow-up investment support and access to foreign markets via developed network of SEAVUS corporate clients. The uniqueness of Seavus Accelerator is in the pure market and business rational behind the business and technology accelerator, that is: Growing together by innovating together and the open innovation model for introduction of innovation in Seavus and its corporate clients through cooperation with Macedonian start-ups.


Offering service designed to inspire, guide, coach and grow ambitious tech oriented startups and entrepreneurs.

Along with its investments, Seavus Accelerator offers an intensive 6+6 weeks’ mentorship-driven program and connect you with more than 1000 TECH EXPERTS globally.


Seavus Accelerator Management team will assemble Seavus Accelerator Management and Technical and Administrative staff and Seavus Group Top Management representatives. The core team is strenghtened  with individuals – mentors, professionals and organisations knowledgeable in various fields. This team has been working together in the last 5-7 years, leading and managing Seavus Group through the most rapid growth period and business expansion internationally.

Koca Bosku
Investment senior advisor

Gordana Taseva
Due Diligence Officer

Vesna Ivanovka
Seavus accelerator program manager and PR

Kristina Cvetanov
Accelerator manager

Gordana Palchevska Ristovska
Portfolio manager coordinator

Toni Todorov
Operations and IT manager

­­­­­Viktorija Krstevska
Administration and Finance responsible

Krsto Zlatkov
Marketing  and sales specialist

Angela Mitrinovska
Accelerator coordinator  and marketing responsible


+389 2 3097 404
+389 78 499 677
[email protected]

Blvd. 11 October 33A
1000 Skopje
North Macedonia

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